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Skin & Beauty Story (SBS) is an independent, community-based skincare and beauty blog, focusing on providing quality, unbiased reviews on a range of products and trends.  The blog covers skincare favourites from Asian (Japan, Korea, and Taiwan), European and North American brands.  SBS also provides resources on skincare routines, ingredients, and other beauty topics. 

How is this 'community-based'?
The goal is to be as interactive with the readership base as possible.  It is encouraged for readers to leave comments on the posts, because I genuinely want to know how things are going and what your thoughts are.  At SBS, guest bloggers are also invited to pen lifestyle pieces or other product reviews and guides.  So if you have an idea for a story or you want to write for SBS, please drop us a line at skinandbeautystory@gmail.com! :) 

About the Writers

Alice ~ 
Dedicated Asian skincare enthusiast who separates the science from the hype when it comes to testing new and upcoming products. A believer that quality formulations don't always need to come with the highest price tags, Alice provides independent, unbiased reviews of Korean, Japanese, and Tawainese skincare favourites.

Skin Type: Combination
Skin Concerns: Sunspots, cystic acne, dilated pores, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Contributing Writers - 
Articles: Estee Lauder Eye CreamNexcare Acne Patch


Most of the products reviewed on this blog has been personally purchased by us.  We are not paid by brands to provide reviews.  Any samples we receive are given 100% unbiased reviews.  

Any online retailers that we link to are trusted retailers that we ourselves are customers of.  We only ever suggest e-shops that sell authentic products with reasonable prices and a good reputation.  

Not all skincare products or routines written about on this blog will work for everyone, since we all have different skin types.  This is why we created these skin resources and troubleshooting guides in the first place.  We want to provide our readers of all different skin types some amount of baseline knowledge and information on different ingredients and products for common skin concerns.  :) 


If you are interested in partnering with the Skin & Beauty Story through an affiliate program, please email us at skinandbeautystory@gmail.com 


If you are interested in sponsoring us for a post, please email us with your product and sponsorship details.  Please note that we provide fair and unbiased review of all sponsored products! As the sponsoring company, you may request a specific writer / reviewer for your products.

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