REVIEW: It's SKIN dear my MUSE Velvet Powder SPF 15

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It's SKIN Dear My Muse Velvet Powder SPF 15 is a sheer, oil-controlling loose powder make-up product.  The colour I've had the chance to try out is 02 Pink Beige, however, I won't focus on the shades available (there are two) since there is not enough colour in the powder to make much of a difference. Instead, I will include some samples of the two shades below (courtesy of Q-Depot):

Given the minimal colour differences when applied to the skin, I would suggest that this is more of a oil-control powder than a colour correcting powder and should be treated only as such.

According to It's SKIN, this powder has been carefully tested for skin safety and is classified as a "clinical skin solution".  The powder has been formulated to use "Selective Sebum Absorption System" or SSA, a technology developed by the brand.  I do not have additional information about this SSA technology nor if it actually worked, but just from first hand experience, my oil production during the day was minimized and my skin looked less shiny and more smooth / matte.

Product contains SPF15 as well...which isn't high at all so please remember to use a regular sunblock under this! :)

How to Use

The powder is quite finely milled and goes on quite nicely, but if my skin was dry it would look a little flaky or chalky which is a big no-no in my book.  So make sure your skin is well moisturized and exfoliated before application, which I think is just overall good skincare and practice anyhow!

As you can see it's super pink in the container but it goes on practically sheer with only a hint of glitter in the product! I wanted to take a photo of it swatched on my arm but since it was nearly invisible in terms of coverage, I gave up :( But I think it's sheerness lends itself to how effective this product is, especially if I reapply throughout the day...I don't want to look too cakey!


This is a fairly standard oil-control powder and for the price, it's a great buy especially if you're someone like me who uses quite a lot of powder to retouch throughout the day (my skin gets quite shiny TT.TT).  However, I found the puff pad that comes included isn't so great at picking up enough of the powder for nice, even application on the skin.  I'd recommend use a fluffy brush to apply!

It's SKIN dear my MUSE Velvet Powder SPF 15



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