REVIEW: Style Nanda 3CE Back to Baby BB Cream

The first time I purchased this product, I was shopping with a bunch of girl friends at the 3CE store in Seoul, Mapo-gu, Hong-dae.  I know what you're big was my haul?! Quite honestly, I wish I could've walked away with half the store since 3CE has some really great make up products....but I ended up restraining myself *pats self on back*.  I really had to control myself even though I'm not a huge makeup girl....although that's not to say I don't absolutely ADORE/OBSESSIVELY buy foundations and powders because I really do....😆😆 Currently, I have five foundations I use regularly and which I keep in rotation (two of which are 3CE), while many dozens more sit in storage aka the blackhole of my makeup bag/bathroom drawers 😅😅

Ok, I'll shut up now and just show you what you really want to see: 

Ok, ok - this time I'll actually show you what you guys really want to see...which is the BB cream in action and applied to my FACE!  But no really, let's go over the marketing materials first (courtesy of 3CE global website).

Product Features

1. Baby Skin Veil System - This BB cream should feel like a second skin and has a clean "baby-like" skin finish
2. Long Lasting Moisture Care - Hydrating ingredients are combined with polymers (which create a thin, flexible film across the skin for an even finish) to create a long lasting moisturized finish.
3. Luminous and Glowing Skin - Ingredients include "crystal water, diamond powder, and pearl powder" for translucent and bright skin. (Not sure yet what they mean by crystal water or diamond powder - perhaps just fancy marketing words for brightening priming ingredients...)
4. Contains SPF 35 PA ++


Back to Baby is on the left. As you can see, it's more pigmented and lighter than the 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation in Milk Ivory shade.


This is how the BB cream looks applied on my skin under artificial light.  No retouching applied to the photo.


I can say that for the most part, this BB cream does what it claims to do.  It's light weight, lasts all day even on my oily/combo skin, doesn't dry out, doesn't oxidize, and it creates a wonderfully dewy and flawless finish without the sticky, heavy feeling of a traditional foundation.  This is usually the BB cream I find myself picking up on mornings where I want a more natural finish on my skin or when my skin is looking especially dull. Since purchasing the product at the 3CE Hong-dae store, I have already repurchased another one since I've really enjoyed using it.  

However, I do notice that the shade is a bit on the light side with a bit of a grey cast, especially when I take photos.  In person it generally looks fine when I set it with a slightly darker powder on top to balance the shade out, but with a camera flash? I look pretty pale - maybe it's their mysterious "diamond powder" haha! If the BB cream, which only comes in one shade, is too light for your skin type, I suggest doing what I do which is colour correcting with an ever so slightly darker setting powder on top.   If you're darker than a N/NC 20, I wouldn't suggest this product for you, it will be much too light.

3CE Back to Baby BB Cream



You can purchase this product at the following, trusted e-shops:** - $30 USD (free global shipping)
3CE - $20 USD reg. price, Discount $14 USD July 1st 2016 (shipping extra) 

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